Choose The Right Cleaning Chemical Suppliers

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Choose The Right Cleaning Chemical Suppliers

Choosing the good quality commercial kitchen cleaning supplies for the business is very important, as the reputation for your business depends on the way it is presented to the walk in customers, staff etc. Thus, it is very crucial to select reputed cleaning chemical suppliers that hold a record of safety and sustainability, and one that will stand behind their .When a company has been in business for close to a century, it is an indication that they value effective leadership, are responsive to the needs of the marketplace, and routinely act in the best interest of their customers. 


When evaluating cleaning chemical suppliers, always look for one with specific formulations and experience in the pertinent market sector. Right from foodservice, industrial, facility management etc.


Buzil Rossari is a trusted brand and a provider of superior cleaning chemical suppliers in hospitality, healthcare, facility management, laundry, disinfection, personal hygiene and special care products. Within a short span of time, Buzil Rossari has been able to win customers’ confidence by partnering with more than distribution partners and servicing customers. Supported by excellent manufacturing, quality assurance Buzil Rossari is committed to provide, effective economical and efficiently designed tailor-made solutions to its customers.




Product advantages:

– Outstanding removal of albuminous, oily and greasy dirt
– Stable foam structure
– Suitable for use in foam guns
– Fast-separating according to standard
– ÖNORM B 5105
– RK and RE listed

Fields of application:

Gastronomy; industrial kitchens; food-processing industry; alkali-resistant surfaces and floors




Product advantages:

– A concentrated tablet for disinfection of all surfaces including food contact surfaces and also suitable for disinfection of vegetables

Fields of application:

All surfaces including food contact surfaces and also suitable for disinfection of vegetables


Buzil Rossari offers a diverse and a well-balanced range of product portfolio when it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning supplies.

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