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There’s nothing magical or rocket-science involved in tarot card reading. It’s not that the tarot card reader will spell some magical chant and will seek knowledge to the deepest corners of your mind. It’s YOU who pick up the card and give intuition to the reader about your inner thoughts. This is how tarot cards work in real life. It’s all about the power of your sub-conscious mind. But did you know that you can take this power to know deep down what your mind really wants in your life?


So, here’s how you can take charge of your sub-conscious mind to help you make life decisions-


Before picking up a card from the deck, a person has numerous thoughts flowing inside his head. It could be regarding his career, relationships and other important matter. Keep all those things in mind, he picks up a card which describes his inner thoughts and feelings in the most relatable way. It could be the empress or the magician or anything else from the deck of 72 cards.


That precise card will portray the feelings inside the mind of the person who draws the card. Then, the reader acknowledges what the card says which goes hand in hand with the person’s thoughts. So, we all think that there’s some secret by which a card reader knows everything on what’s going on in our mind. It’s all about the psychology in such concepts. A similar concept is theta healing where a person is healed mentally using the theta wave.


Dr. Geetanjali Saxena is a wellness coach and one of the best in tarot card readingwith more than 20 years of hands-on experience in counseling, hypnotherapy and also provides theta healing.She is a professional tarot card reader and is trained in multiple modalities under various international trainers which give her a multi-cultural experience to understand different types of people and their nature.


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